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Acabeta Community Guidelines

Welcome to Acabeta Community.
NB: The community will be moved to Acabeta platform on launch date (some months from now).

Acabeta is the official platform for all career seekers. When you think of pursing a career, cutting distraction, looking for a mentor, getting that comprehensive course, finding jobs easily, or any career issues. Then think Acabeta to be the perfect platform for that.

Who is Acabeta for?

Acabeta is for all career seekers generally, including students of all levels, job seekers etc.

Our Vision and Mission

Acabeta is on a mission of building a platform for the next gen innovators and builders. Acabeta will be the perfect platform all career seekers.

Community Guidelines

Joining and participating in Acabeta community activities, including in-person and online attendees, speakers, and Acabeta, must abide by the following policy:

Be respectful to each other

No hate speech, demeaning, harassment, threatening or other offensive verbal language.

No spamming

Avoid spamming the group with any form of message.

Communication guide

Communication guidelines:

Always ask precise questions.

Ask in a respectful manner.

Never use offensive words or languages when communication.

No malicious content

Do not send malicious links, or content in the community.

Avoid sensitive topics

Avoid topics that can lead to the use of offensive words, e.g religion, politics, health etc.


Failure to adhere to the guidelines above can lead to removal or suspension from the community moderators.

We are building the official platform for all career seekers and we will keep you all updated.

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